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Smart, Programmable Thermostat for convenience and efficiency

Thermostats have changed a lot. These devices went from just a thing on the wall
EcoNet Control Center Programmable Thermostat that keeps your home at a constant temperature to little computers that calculate the most energy efficient way to keep you comfortable. While there are a plethora of thermostats to choose from, the only one that you should think about for your new Rheem Prestige Series heat pump/furnace/hybrid is the EcoNet Control Center. This thermostat will do the normal programmable thermostat stuff, like vacation mode and work settings. But unlike a normal programmable thermostat, this has an easy to read color display and a touch screen. That means you will no longer have to play with stupid buttons.
The wifi module also enables you to control your home’s temperature from anywhere. This is great if you are going to be late for work and don’t want to heat your house all the way up to it’s normal temperature quite yet.


But, what makes the EcoNet Control Center truly different is the fact that the thermostat and heat pump/furnace/hybrid talk to each other. This is not the standard on/off communication that old thermostats used. This communication allows for precise control over your variable speed units. Allowing the thermostat to heat/cool your home in the most efficient and comfortable way possible