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Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, iron to iron oxide, wait. That’s not how that goes.

Time’s unceasing march towards entropy leaves mercy for no one, including your HVAC equipment. But all is not lost. A Preventative Maintenance Agreement can help your unit remain steadfast against the eternal tide of decay and destruction.

Geothermal, heat pumps, boilers, straight ac, and even ductless units will benefit from yearly service. When you purchase a Preventative Maintenance Agreement we come once or twice a year (system and customer dependent) and check out your system. We look for damaged wiring, clean coils, replace filters, check refringent levels, and make sure the unit is running at its best. Plus, if you do need a repair, you will receive a reduced dispatch and labor rate, along with 10% off parts.

Basically, a Preventative Maintenance Agreement will improve your unit’s efficiency and may allow us to catch problems before they happen. Contact us today if you are interested in prolonging the life of your HVAC equipment, saving money by maintaining the efficiency of your unit, and reducing the likelihood of your unit failing when you need it most. We will build a custom PM agreement that will best suit your needs.