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RGF Whole Home Air Purifier

Your HVAC system already filters out dust. But what if it could destroy germs? While most systems can’t handle the type of filter required to actually filter out viruses and the like, even if it could, it couldn’t kill them. Reme Halo UV light, by RGF Manufacturing, does just that with a simple device that is installed into the supply duct of your home.

With the use of friendly oxidisers, the Reme Halo UV light can neutralize air pollutants, smoke, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and even mold. Now, by friendly oxidizers, we are not referring to their disposition. The oxidants quickly revert back to their base component’s, oxygen and hydrogen, after attacking a pollutant. Though they may kill viruses with a smile, I don’t think that has been tested

What has been tested, though, are the oxidants produced by Reme Halo UV lights. RFG Manufacturing has the results of an impressive list of tests on their website, rgf.com/test-results. These tests were performed by independent and accredited labs and universities, including a double blind study that used a machine to simulate a person’s sneeze. They found out that the Reme Halo UV light can neutralize up to %99 of a sneeze’s germs within 3 feet of the sneeze’s source. (don’t say it, don’t say it…) And that’s nothing to sneeze at…. We’re still looking for something to clean up my bad puns.

But what about that dust? Dust isn’t healthy either. Your HVAC filter does capture a lot of the dust in your home. But it could use some help. Well, the Reme Halo UV light helps with that as well. Dual ionizers help clump pollen, mold spores, and dust together. By making them bigger  the air filter can collect these pollutants more efficiently. The dust may clump up so big that it falls out of the air, causing more dust to collect on your floor or furniture. But it’s a lot easier to dust your home than your lungs.

Sure, it may sound like something you would find on a late night infomercial. “Kill bacteria, flame fungi, and clean your house’s air for just 3 easy payments of….” In a world where everyone says to “trust the science”, do the science. If you have doubts, research it. Look at Reme Halo’s website. Review their test results and learn how the device works. If you come out liking what you see, give us a call. If you come out of your research in doubt, no worries.

All we can say is that we have looked at the research, and we fully believe that the Reme Halo UV light works. So much so that not only have we installed units in our office and shop, all of our employees have either the Halo in their supply duct, or  RFG Manufacturing’s plugin wall unit.