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About Us

Why choose K-Wood LLC for your HVAC needs?

The reason is we are fanatics about doing the job right.

K-Wood LLC is your local heating, air conditioning, and geothermal experts in Oley, PA.  We serve most of Berks, Montgomery, and West Chester counties with friendly and professional HVAC installations and repairs.  We believe in giving our clients the information to get the right system and equipment to meet their heating and cooling needs.

Not only do we choose the best equipment – we choose the best equipment for the job. A family that is planning on living in a large house may be interested in the long-term savings of a geothermal unit. However, a retired couple may only need a high efficiency air conditioner. We will also size the unit to your house. We take into account insulation, windows, and even the positioning of your house relative to the sun. We do this because a poorly sized unit is not good for anyone. If it is an air conditioner and it is too small, it will be running too much. This will increase your power bill and decrease the unit’s life. If it is too large, the unit will short cycle (or turn on and off too quickly), which will also decrease the units life span. In the summer this short cycling won’t allow for the humidity to be removed properly. The best equipment costs more up front, and a proper installation is not cheap either, but when you pay for both of these up front, you will have fewer problems and save a significant amount of money compared to the “cheaper guy”.



For example, we had a customer with a fairly new geo system, but his unit was giving him problems. Most of the problems came from his loop. A geothermal loop is an expensive part of a geo install, but it is only needed to be installed once; then the properly installed loop will probably outlast the house. Our new customer’s loop was poorly installed. Most, if not all, of the joints underground leaked, which required us to dig up the trunk line of the loop; and cut out the bad joints. As you can see from the picture above, this was quite a mess.


Unfortunately this was not the only problem. There were too many loops on the trunk line, and this made it impossible to purge out the air in the loop. Running all of the loops into a manifold inside the house would have been a nightmare; so we installed a concrete tank in the middle of the loop run. Then we ran all of the loops into the concrete tank.


Inside this concrete tank, we had a manifold with a ball valve on each loop. This allowed us to purge all of the air out of the loops.


Lets be clear. This SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!!!! We were a bit disgusted by the previous installer, who this customer paid thinking that he was getting a good system at a good price. We have installed many geo loops and have never had a problem. But, we have also been educated in how to install geo loops by the manufacturer of the equipment. This story is not meant to scare you into using us. We just want to show how expensive those cheap bids can be.